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Unlimited data, but the speed is guaranteed

We never oversell any of your committed international bandwidth (CIR) you own it, its yours, You will get it no matter what.

Your speed is  guaranteed all the time for your international connectivity. It is impossible for you to go slower than this ever. For every new client we increase the burst pool, this burst pool gives you extra speed allocation above your CIR and up to your Peak Information Rate (PIR).

So we want you to use our burst pools as much as you want. Its just a smarter way of dividing up the expense of international transit costs to give you a guaranteed service..

The only TELCO who can guarantee the speed of Fibre we deliver


Switch provider in under five business days

We would love to hear from you. Call us know and we will connect you to the right person on our team to help you to make the best use of both our data and voice services. 

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Want to connect better?
As a Telco dedicated to business., we help you work smarter

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Our tools help you manage your solution in real time - on time and on budget.
On average we cost 20 - 40% less.
You’ll be surprised at the savings.
We make businesses like yours more effective.

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